A Dangerous Man

(and partime pacifist)

26 September
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Embalmer (I've seen a lot of death...and it's always interesting), Skeptic bordering on cynic bordering on romantic. An agnostic who talks to spirits, spiritualist, clergy, High Prietesses, channelers, mediums (also rares and well dones), dead relatives, crazy dreamers, hard street hustlers, frustrated artists, manic-depressives, hopeless messiahs, lights in the sky, embittered mass murderers, High Sierra hermits, open mic comedians, Japanese poets who never write haiku, fetish models, fast food employees who think they'll have an impact, healers, destroyers, protesters, caregivers, apathetic medical professionals, griftish sales reps, Two-hundred dollars strippers, sex slaves, white people with rythym, impoverished Jews, black people who can pronounce the word "ask", homeless drunks, Suburban moms, hippies, hicks, hedonists and hardcore users...and realizes that they are all full of shit...or maybe not